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SC.Roamer RealTime Balance

Platform for prepaid billing of subscribers’ premium traffic

The SC.RealTime Balance software and hardware complex will help you avoid high subscriber debts due to premium traffic costs. The groups of subscribers vulnerable to such risks are roamers and domestic subscribers who frequently use premium services.

The platform controls voice calls, SMS, and data transfer.

The platform functionality includes capabilities to inform various applications about the subscriber’s balance status. These can be systems that provide:

  • Multilateral funds transfer services (MFTS)
  • Promised payments (Extra Balance)
  • Collect calls (PayForMe)
  • Automatic payment (from a VISA card, etc.)
  • Notification of costs (EndOfCall Notification)
  • Other (interface improvement possible)

Key features

  • Real time supervision of call/SMS/data costs
  • Subscriber profile keeping (balance, blocking threshold, services)
  • Introduction of special pricing plans for accurate billing
  • API for interaction with external systems
  • Change of subscriber balance (upon query to the billing system) on the following events:
    • end of call/data session
    • during a call/data session
    • SMS sending
  • Data synchronization with postpaid billing
  • Creation of CDR files for all major events
  • TAP file preprocessing (double billing prevention)
  • Multi-user web interface for platform administration
  • Support for CAMEL Gateway functions
  • Monitoring and statistics collection

Benefits & advantages

  • Makes it possible to avoid the investment costs of prepaid billing
  • Data traffic supervision capability
  • Does not require licensing as a billing system
  • Allows organizing simultaneous use of several IN services
  • Scalability
  • Modular architecture
  • Easy integration

Integration scheme