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Remote profile management at SIM cards

Using multiprofile SIM cards, i. e. SIM cards, which allow to load more than one profile in them, including profiles from different MNOs, gives MNO a possibility to implement a certain range of interesting business cases, as well as to simplify SIM card logistics.

The SC.SIM OTA platform allows remote profile management on SIM cards in any equipment. Besides profile management on SIM cards the platform provides full service cycle for profile base management: loading from third-party systems, grouping on various features, API provision to other systems, etc.

System performance capabilities allow MNO to implement various business cases:

  • Participation in ERA-GLONASS/eCall/E911 projects and their analogs
  • Remote loading of profiles into a multiprofile to realize partnership programs with manufacturers of М2М terminals
  • Implementation of partnership roaming programs with local geographic partners
  • Implementation of partnership roaming programs abroad
  • Assigning MVNO to a subscriber in the roaming, assigning IMSI of third party network

Key features

  • Multiprofile SIM card (eUICC, embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) management with use of SMS OTA and HTTP OTA features:
    • Profile adding
    • Profile removal
    • Profile change
    • Profile activation
    • Profile de-activation
  • SIM card and profile management in the platform's data base:
    • SIM card grouping
    • Logging of history of each SIM card and each profile usage
    • SIM card and profile parameters editing: ICCID, manufacturer, type, safety parameters, etc.
  • Execution of mass operation on SIM cards and profiles
  • API profile management for external systems — GlobalPlatform API, or SOAP API
  • Key and IMSI management on eUICC
  • Automatic profile removal from eUICC upon expiration of inactivity period
  • Sending to DMS enquiries for device setting — for automatic configuration of HTTP channel management

Benefits & advantages

  • The solution can be supplied in various complete sets:
    • Subscriber Manager and OTA platform
    • Only Subscriber Manager
    • HLR could be integrated into the solution to serve basic (non commercial) profiles
    • SMSC could be integrated into the solution
  • Capability to integrate with a third-party OTA platform by means of GlobalPlatform API or other API
  • Capability to integrate with EIR to implement use-case with automatic profile activation in case of region change
  • Support of profile manual management by a subscriber:
    • USSD command processing
    • Using STK menu, which is loaded to eUICC by the platform
  • It is possible to develop a WAP/web-portal or a mobile application for ordering profile by a subscriber with subsequent management (for example, for a business case “travel SIM cards”)
  • Compliance with the safety requirements of the specifications and standards:
    • GSMA Embedded SIM Remote Provisioning Architecture
    • GSMA Remote Provisioning Architecture for Embedded UICC
    • 3GPP TS 23.048: “Security mechanisms for the (U)SIM application toolkit”
    • 3GPP TS 21.133: “3G Security, Security Threats and Requirements”
    • GlobalPlatform Card Specification v.2.2.1

Integration scheme