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SC.SMPP Firewall

SMPP router with powerful filtering capabilities

The platform allows you to protect subscribers and equipment of the mobile network against unwanted and fraudulent SMS traffic coming from various applications using the SMPP protocol.

The platform is an SMPP router with advanced functionality for analyzing message fields and blocking messages based on the results of such analysis. In addition, this solution allows you to modify SMPP traffic messages and collect statistics.

Key features

  • Routing short message between SMPP connections
  • Blocking messages matching the specified conditions with a capability to send to the sender a response containing the specified error code
  • Message modification
  • Generating reports on blocked messages
  • Providing information about installed SMPP connections
  • Creating CDR, including for blocked messages

Message routing capabilities:

  • Routing from many or all connections to one connection (SMPP Firewall is used as a gateway in front of CPA)
  • Routing from/to one and the same connection (verification of all CPA traffic by using a loop through the SMPP Firewall)
  • Routing messages from many connections to many connections as a conventional SMPP router

In addition to the numerous message attributes, the following factors can also be taken into account in the routing:

  • Checking the presence of a pre-request (to prevent unwanted mailings from content providers)
  • Selecting a connection for multi-link connections (load balancing)

Message blocking capabilities:

  1. A list of filter rule groups is assigned to each route. The rules inside them are checked in the order they follow. Each filter rule can contain the following components:
    • Number A mask
    • Number B mask
    • SMS template
  2. If the message matches the rule, the action specified in this rule is performed. Actions can be as follows:
    • OK (give the road)
    • DROP (reject)
    • OK+DROP (the platform confirms that the message is accepted, but in fact it is rejected)
    • SMPP ERROR (the platform responds and includes the specified SMPP error in its message)

Capabilities of messages modification:

  • Converting A-numbers and B-numbers
  • Converting text
  • Converting SERVICE, DCS, PROTOCOL fields
  • Forced lifetime of a message
  • TLV removal
  • TLV addition
  • Replacing text with a regular expression
  • Transliteration of text
  • Text re-encoding
  • Converting submit_sm into data_sm
  • Converting data_sm into submit_sm
  • UDH removal