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SC.Sync allows subscribers to backup copies of their phonebooks, notes, calendars and tasks in a safe place and restore data quickly if necessary.

The SC.Sync solution was developed to organize SyncML services for supported mobile devices. In particular, the platform allows organizing such services as:

  • Backing up address book and device data
  • Transferring address book and all data from one mobile device to another
  • Using the data from SyncML server for those external services where the subscriber's address book can be used. For example inserting the name in a missed call message

Key features

  • Synchronization of the address book and data with SC.Sync server between several devices via operator's mobile network
  • Back up phone data to operator’s cloud server
  • Integration with external systems to make authentication possible without a password
  • Remote setup of mobile devices for SyncML via DMS platform, e.g. SC.SMS-Settings or other (integration interfaces HTTP, Oracle SQL)
  • API for access to address book, calendar and events access with storage on the central server
  • Organize social network based on subscriber's data (optional)
  • Web interface where subscriber can get access to address book, calendar, events and SMS messages with the ability to delete, add or edit data
  • Use web interface for two-way SMS chatting

Benefits & advantages

  • Fast account setup and automatic settings for mobile devices
  • Secured storage of user data with personal login and password
  • Friendly web interface for SMS chatting, calendar and events editing
  • Ability to access address book and edit it through the web interface
  • Supported devices (PocketPC, Palm, smartphones) with SyncML applications installed

Implementation results

  • Extra income from increase in messaging and data traffic
  • Increase in subscriber loyalty for well-secured backup

Integration scheme