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SC.USSD Banking

Convenient finance management

This service allows the customer to manage their bank account from their cell phone using USSD.

Key features

  • Provision of information to customers at their request
  • Rapid customer notification and service connection
  • Use of USSD as transport
  • Support for SMPP 3.4 protocol with flexible configuration of message routing to external client applications
  • USSD Push support
  • Multilingual support
  • Dynamic building of interactive USSD menus
  • Provisioning to external systems
  • Administrator web interface with the possibility of delimiting the access to system control
  • Logging and statistics collection

Benefits & advantages

The majority of banks already offer SMS banking, IVR, or Internet banking services. However, the USSD technology has several advantages:

  • Free of charge (the USSD service is free of charge and available around the globe)
  • Safe:
    • USSD messages are not saved in the phone’s memory
    • There are fewer intermediate nodes between the bank and the customer where the query text can be stored unencrypted (as compared to SMS)
    • User actions may be additionally secured with a password
    • If a subscriber is not active in the USSD menu for a long time, the USSD session will automatically terminate
  • Available:
    • Free of charge, even when roaming
    • USSD is supported by the majority of phone models. At the same time, the number of subscribers using mobile Internet banking is under 20%, because Internet access often requires additional configuration and payment
  • Fast:
    • The customer is immediately notified about his query being accepted (especially relevant when roaming)
    • A response to the query may be returned within the same USSD session
  • Easy to use:
    • A simple menu with just a few items
    • No need to remember various SMS codes (no need to keep in mind the formats of message commands)
    • No need to download any software
    • Operations frequently performed by the customer may be saved as “Templates” under a separate menu item

Service Deployment

Our company offers the entire range of services for organizing USSD banking:

  • Installation/deployment of a USSD center on the MNO’s site (if necessary)
  • Installation of dynamic USSD menu formation software (SC.USSD Portal CMS)
  • Protocol converter between the API on the bank side and the USSD portal (should the bank have no such API, we are ready to develop/upgrade it in cooperation with the bank’s specialists)
  • Adaptation to the bank’s requirements
  • Coordination of all issues related to coordination between the bank and the MNO (the bank only needs to provide the API, and we will deal with all other technical issues)
  • Round-the-clock technical support
  • Improvements according to the Customer’s requests
  • Implementation of a demo version of the service within a short period of time