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SC.USSD Center

USSD Message Exchange Center

A reliable and flexible platform for transmitting, processing and recording USSD messages. The versatility of the solution used in the creation of SC.USSDC allows installing and configuring the system for the custom needs of the MNO. The system architecture is oriented toward integration with any systems of third party manufacturers installed in the customer’s cellular network. Therefore, the Svyazcom product is aimed at the expansion of the MNO’s existing technical facilities, allowing a quantitative and qualitative increase in the network bandwidth in relation to the transfer of USSD messages.

Key features

  • Reception and processing of USSD messages using any business logic
  • Outbound notification, including USSD Push
  • Use of USSD to transport the application’s WAP traffic
  • CDR file generation for traffic billing
  • Support for SMPP 3.4 protocol with flexible configuration of message routing to external client applications
  • Multilingual user interfaces
  • Additional capabilities for modification of USSD message parameters
  • Administrator web interface with the possibility of delimiting access to system control
  • Logging and statistics collection

Benefits & advantages

In addition to supporting the basic functions of USSD messages, the SC.USSDC has the following advantages:

  • Support for USSD dialogs (surveys and polls, interactive advertising). The dialog can be initiated either by the subscriber or by the MNO (USSD Phase II)
  • Availability of a useful tool for the creation of dynamic interactive USSD menus
  • Implementation of USSD-like service for CDMA networks.
  • Message transliteration
  • Support for flexible charging schemes
  • Easy integration with billing systems of various manufacturers (prepaid and postpaid systems).
  • Fail-safe architecture with the option of dynamic load balancing.

Integration scheme