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USSD portal creation and management system

The reliable and flexible SC.USSD Portal CMS platform is designed for creation and management of USSD services using standard web technologies.

The solution facilitates the creation of complex multi-level USSD menus implementing any business logic. Using SC.USSD Portal CMS, it is easy to organize interaction with partners’ applications (such as content provider applications). The unique feature of the solution is the fact that it does not require any special knowledge of the USSD technology. The simple specified HTTP API allows the creation and configuration of services to be performed by a web programmer or, with appropriate improvement, by a regular manager.

Key features

  • Dynamic formation of USSD menus
  • Performance of paid actions on behalf of the subscriber
  • Additional pricing plans (if the standard USSD center capabilities are not sufficient)
  • Administrator web interface
  • Simplified web interface for a USSD service manager
  • Work statistics

Benefits & advantages

  • The platform can work with the USSD centers of any manufacturer
  • Easy integration with billing systems (postpaid and prepaid)
  • Capability to provide billed services by sending SMS messages to a service number from the subscriber’s number. Thus the SMS messages will be billed as if sent by the subscriber
  • Simple allocation of partner responsibility areas (capability to transfer a branch of USSD dialog menu to be formed by external content providers)
  • Simple HTTP query-based API
  • Capability of sending SMS messages to the subscribers
  • Simplicity:
    • Support and creation of USSD services can be performed by a web programmer who knows at least one web development language
    • With some improvement, the USSD services can be supported by a manager without knowledge of web mobile communication technologies

Integration scheme

The platform is easily integrated into the MNO’s network and may include its own USSD center, SC.USSDC, or be used in conjunction with another USSD center.