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USSD Notifications Sending System with Dialog Capability

The USSD technology is supported by most of telephone models, about 98%. Thus, it perfectly suits to arrange interactive cooperation between MNO subscribers and various service applications.

The purpose of the SC.USSD Push software & hardware complex is bulk USSD push messaging and adding advertising at the end of USSD responses from various services in the MNO’s network. The platform supports both regular USSD messages and complex dialogs (USSD menus).

Besides USSD traffic proxying of the existing systems in the MNO's network, SC.USSD Push can work as a fully functional USSD center with the USSD menu portal, where MNO can transfer USSD services as per its wish. It allows to release regular USSDC and USSD portal licenses, or to fully replace them with the USSD Push system.

Key features

  • Creation both simple USSD messages and complicated menus. The structure and text of the USSD menu are formed using a special constructor in the web interface of the platform.
  • USSD Push messaging and menu sending to subscriber lists:
    • Import and export lists of telephone numbers from the file (CSV, Excel) or from the external database
    • Targeting according to different parameters:
      • subscriber region
      • mobile device operating system
      • volume of data traffic consumed
      • number of SMS
      • ARPU and many other features
    • Simultaneous carrying out of many different marketing campaigns
    • Capability to launch messaging scenario as per query from external system
  • Implementation of USSD services together with other MNO's systems or with SMPP applications of service providers
  • Modification of USSD responses:
    • Adding advertisements to the traffic of own USSD service
    • Adding advertisements to the traffic of the external USSD service. Platform intercepts USSD responses to subscribers from different services and adds advertising endings to them
    • System evenly distributes advertising endings over specified subscriber segments. The frequency of advertising messages per subscriber is accurately controlled
    • Modification parameters:
      • Advertising message validity period
      • Total length of the modified USSD response (limitation of USSD response length)
      • History of ad displays per subscriber (e. g. an advertisement should not be displayed more than once per day)
      • Other parameters on the customer’s request
    • Conversion of service USSD response into USSD dialogue to continue talking to a subscriber, for example, with the purpose of survey and offering some services
    • Processing of subscriber responses on USSD Push using any business logic (data transfer to the billing system, etc.)
  • Black/white lists separately for each USSD number
  • Fully functional API
  • Multilingual user interfaces
  • Flexible control of the system’s operation through the administrator web interface
  • Monitoring, statistics collection and reports submission for conducted messaging and advertisement campaigns, platform loading
  • MNP support

Benefits & advantages

  • Can fully replace such systems as USSDC and USSD Portal, or to supplement them by adding advertisement and messaging functions
  • Allows to add advertising endings to the existing USSD services without modification
  • Allows to transfer a subscriber from own menu to the external USSD-menu
  • Representation of each subitem displaying quantity in the reports
  • Support of various protocols (SMPP, MAP, SIGTRAN, HTTP, SOAP, DB query, Diameter) with flexible logic of their use

Integration scheme