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Changing the caller’s voice in real-time

SC.VoiceChanger is designed for entertainment and gives a subscriber an ability to change his or her voice online. That provides the subscriber with a wide range of ways to play jokes on friends. Those installations that Svyazcom has already done show penetration up to 5-7% among subscribers and therefore bring network operators high extra income.

Key features

  • The subscriber’s voice is changed in real time
  • Numerous voice transformations
  • Access via IVR or phone application (brand apps development available)
  • Demo voices available
  • Branded apps for mobile phones with user-friendly interface
  • SMS notifications
  • Various statistics

Benefits & advantages

  • Wide range of voice changes for rotation
  • Use of a background sound, e.g. “in an airport”, “outdoors”, “in a bar”, etc.
  • Automatic SMS notifications to subscribers with invitation to join the service
  • Easy installation and extended integration abilities:
    • ISUP, SIP for voice transfer
    • Use of ISUP through E1 or SIGTRAN
    • Easy integration with any billing system
    • Custom integration according to mobile operator’s requirements
  • Highly scalable
  • Different phone applications for: iOS, Android, J2ME, Symbian

Integration scheme

Mobile applications

You can listen to a demo of a changed voice and make a call directly from the application.