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Combining mobile terminals into a single virtual phone network

The SC.mVPN platform is a set of tools for voice calls and messages management. This platform features allow to merge mobile terminals into a virtual phone network — VPN. A lot of convenient functions are available to the subscribers within this network. This service could be realized both for corporate and individual clients.

Key features

  • Black and white lists creation for filtering and redirection of voice calls and SMS messages
  • Creation of an activity schedule for each item on the list (day of the week, time of the day)
  • Establishment of subscriber number groups to be used in lists
  • Browsing the list of blocked calls and messages
  • Arranging short numbers for subscribers, who do not belong to mVPN, for easy outbound calls
  • Configuration of answering machines for inbound calls: for blocked numbers, at the beginning of voice recording, for all calls, etc. Besides standard variants, the SC.mVPN platform allows subscribers to record it through IVR, to load own voice message, to form it out of text (TTS)
  • Customizing notifications in response to blocked SMS or calls
  • Sending SMS notifications for service users
  • Export and storage of subscriber's contact book
  • Phone conversation recording without quality loss:
    • The service is fully implemented within the resources of the MNO’s network and does not require any software on the subscriber’s phone
    • Recording start: instantly, on the DTMF command, when a button is pressed in the mobile application
    • Recordings management can be performed using the mobile application, SMS/USSD commands or from the Web/WAP interface
    • The subscriber’s recordings may be kept in cloud
    • Various audio file retrieval mechanisms can be implemented (downloading, sending to email, playback using the IVR menu)
  • Additional service options for corporate clients:
    • Voice menu creation for various purposes: answering machine for call distribution, reading advertisement information, arrangement of call center operation
    • Call forwarding to pool numbers: in turn as per number list, simultaneous dialing to a list of numbers
    • Support for internal (short) subscriber numbers. Short numbers could be used for calls inside VPN, as well as an extension number for call forwarding by the answering machine
    • Support of various level black and white lists: organization lists, subscriber group lists, personal lists
    • SMS messaging by groups
    • Corporate phone network administrator interface
  • Multilingual user interfaces
  • Work logging and statistics collection
  • Platform administrator web interface
  • Service management through an iOS, AndroidOS, Windows Phone application

Benefits & advantages

For MNOs:

  • Easy to set up and use the service for corporate customers
  • Operates in roaming
  • MNP support
  • Support for custom greetings
  • Flexible configuration of calls and SMS filtration rules
  • Partial service provision, based on packages
  • High fault resistance
  • Easy integration with various systems in the MNO’s network
  • Branding of the web interface and service management applications

For customers:

  • Easy to use communications control tool
  • Organization of an easy-to-use co-worker communication technique (short numbers)
  • Cost optimization

Integration scheme