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SC.Wi-Fi Charger

Mobile Subscriber Wi-Fi Traffic Billing Platform

The growth of demand for data transfer services in mobile access networks generates additional income for MNOs. There are several advantages from using Wi-Fi for such Internet access when compared with 2G/3G/4G access, so Wi-Fi is very popular among smartphone users. Therefore, by extending its presence to the Wi-Fi services market, the MNO may improve the loyalty of its subscribers and increase their numbers through partner interaction.

The Svyazcom solution monitors and sets tariffs for Internet access from heterogeneous networks, including partner networks. The primary control mechanism is interaction via the RADIUS protocol with various access equipment. The solution helps differentiate billing of one's own subscribers from those of other MNOs, and take into account the peculiarities of access points and access controllers of different manufacturers.

Key features

  • Configuration of the logic of interaction with different NAS (BRAS/GGSN/PGW). Support of a built-in guide on RADIUS AVP/VSA of different vendors which can be complemented and edited
  • Configuration of the logic of using different services and billing plans, including those based on the subscriber's location, as well as broken down by macro-regions
  • Configuration speed limitation logic — separately for data receiving/sending
  • Session management — automatic removal of inactive sessions, and manual session termination
  • Configuration of end subscriber interaction interface (SMS commands, self-service portal)
  • Configuration of partner interaction (customization of authorization portals for each partner, configuration of subscriber authorization in client networks, integration by SOAP API)
  • Proxying of any RADIUS AVP/VSA to third-party systems
  • Client SMS notification

Benefits & advantages

  • Support of different protocols and authorization and authentication schemes
  • Support of different APN connection scenarios — Fixed Wi-Fi and Mobile Wi-Fi
  • Support of Online Charging System integration through DCCA (Diameter Credit-Control Application) protocol for online billing purposes
  • Support of integration with partners' PMS (Fidelio, Opera etc.)
  • Support of integration with payment systems and aggregators
  • Capability of locating the customer by different parameters
  • Possible Enum DNS integration for Internet users' MNP status
  • IPv6 support, including for client addressing
  • Support of different methods for allocating IP addresses to clients
  • Provision of several APIs for various purposes
  • The solution can also be virtualized