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SC.Wi-Fi Hotspot Portal

An authorization platform for Wi-Fi networks

Wi-Fi helps mobile network operators to expand their coverage while reducing the load on their own networks without additional costs. In addition, MNO's Wi-Fi equipment allows any organization to provide Internet access for its visitors.

SС.Wi-Fi Hotspot Portal provides functionality to perform authorization, collect statistics and configure the layout of the welcome pages used when accessing the Wi-Fi network.

This solution is suitable for cafes, train stations, hotels, transport companies and any other organizations. There are personal accounts for users to work independently and a web-based administration interface for MNO's employees who can monitor the operability of Wi-Fi portals across all organizations, as well as get summary statistics.

How it works

A visitor to the organization enters the settings of his/her device and selects an access point Wi-Fi integrated with the Wi-Fi Hotspot Portal. After launching the browser, the visitor is redirected to the Wi-Fi portal page. Then the visitor goes through the authorization process, following the prompts on the welcome page. After that, he/she gets access to the Internet.

Key features

  • There are various ways to authorize visitors accessing the Wi-Fi network:
    • SMS code. Advertising texts can be added to messages with a code
    • If devices do not support cellular communication, it is possible to print coupons with codes from the personal account
    • Other methods can also be implemented (social networks, EAPSIM...)
  • Easy-to-use personal accounts for customers:
    • Customized authorization page design: logos, colors, banners. The design can be common for all Wi-Fi access points allocated to the customer or individual for each access point
    • Configuring the validity period for authorization codes
    • Black list of MAC addresses for rejecting authorization
    • Manual disconnection of specific visitors by phone numbers
    • Collecting feedback from visitors. Moderating user feedback before publication
    • Redirecting authorized visitors to the specified URL
    • Grouping Wi-Fi access points by geographic or other attributes specified by the customer
    • Ad slots for video or still images. Flexible settings for impressions based on device characteristics, schedules, etc.
  • Multilingual authorization portal
  • Setting up access to various sections of personal accounts
  • Configuring statistics and reports in full compliance with customer requirements
  • Administrator's web interface for managing the platform's clients

Benefits & advantages

  • Fast deployment of Wi-Fi portals on MNO's equipment
  • Easy-to-use personal accounts for client organizations providing also flexible authorization portals
  • Collection and provision of statistics on the operation of a Wi-Fi network in real time
  • Additional revenue from embedded advertising content
  • Penetration into new niche markets and expansion of the customer base